We Mourn the Loss

By Chris Acone


We mourn the loss

And celebrate the special life

Of a friend gone too soon

His smile, his humor

His tireless friendship

His good soul

His comforting touch

So many memories

We feel blessed to have known

So radiant a soul

And shall never forget

He was a friend to all

And missed by so many

His absence will be felt

But his impact becomes all the more apparent

His death so fresh an open wound

But his life so powerful a message


Listening in a church pew

Joyous stories thick with sorrow

I wonder how I’d be recalled

If I were to die tomorrow

Could I overfill a church, as he has?

Would as many pray for me?

Would good deeds and kind actions

Dominate common memory?

I sigh and sadly shake my head

For I know that as of now

I haven’t lived my life nearly as he did

Though he showed me how

His life and not untimely death

Will prove most impactful yet

And blinking back tears I resolve

To follow the example Queenan set